IML Worldwide Launches Survey App

IML Worldwide, a specialist in the provision of interactive event technology and the global leader in harnessing audience insight has launched an interactive SURVEY app.

Designed to complement IML’s existing audience insight products and services, SURVEY provides event stakeholders with an easy-to-use ‘in-meeting’ tool for creating customizable questionnaires.

The new IML SURVEY app works on tablets or smartphones running iOS or Android operating systems. Surveys are customized and loaded prior to an event, then made available before, during or after the event as required.

The app is very simple to use – delegates follow the on-screen instructions to complete the survey which can then be previewed or downloaded for further analysis.

IML SURVEY allows event attendees to fully participate by entering their ideas and opinions at their own pace whilst maintaining focus on the main event program and content. Meeting organizers are able to schedule feedback as and when they require, without interrupting speaker flow.

IML SURVEY is managed via an online control panel, ensuring reliable reporting and charting of input. Results can be viewed as users upload their data and customizable data and charts can be created so individual and group-based reports are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Questions and answers come in a wide variety of formats with features including question ’bypassing’ or skip logic. Customer branding and logos can be included as required.

Other features of the SURVEY app include GPS and image capture, unlimited responses and a multi-lingual facility. The app also supports offline data collection so an internet connection is not required to conduct surveys.

Richard Fisher, CEO of IML Worldwide says, “We have put a lot of effort into ensuring our product suite provides clients with as wide a range of audience insight input options as possible and IML SURVEY is another important milestone in this ongoing process. IML SURVEY provides clients with the valuable option of including surveys and questionnaires within the fabric of their events. It’s an easy-to-use and highly versatile tool for stakeholders wishing to extract as much audience insight ‘value’ as possible from their events and meetings.”

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