KineticX partners with pioneering environmental media start-up, Pluvo

KineticX, the start-up incubator focused on emerging technologies in the Out of Home (OOH) space and a division of OOH media agency Kinetic, has announced a partnership with environmental media start-up Pluvo. As a result of the deal, Kinetic clients will be the first to have access to Pluvo’s unique air-purifying advertising inventory, at valuable high foot-fall locations across London. 

At a time when environmental concerns, particularly air quality in major cities, are at the top of the public agenda, Pluvo’s solution offers brands the opportunity to help tackle the issue of urban air pollution through advertising. The innovative street furniture will be located at highly desirable locations – busy high streets and urban centres – that are likely to experience both high levels of footfall and pollution. Conversations are already underway with a number of UK city councils to launch the solution by the end of 2019.  

By mimicking the air-purifying qualities of rain, Pluvo’s patent pending street furniture product uses an enclosed mist of water droplets to remove dangerous pollutants from the air. The mist is able to respond to location changes in pollution levels in real-time, optimising itself to increase efficacy and clean the surrounding air more efficiently than traditional methods. Each Pluvo unit is funded by advertising spend, ensuring a scalable commercially viable solution.

Dominic Murray, Head of Innovation, Kinetic said: “Within KineticX, our ambition is to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible with Out-of-Home advertising, in order to connect our clients to game-changing start-ups in the sector. Pluvo savvily combines the appeal of OOH’s mass reach and brand-building capabilities, with a solution to one of the most pressing environmental concerns for city dwellers. For brands, this creates an invaluable opportunity to support sustainability, whilst simultaneously getting their message out to desirable city audiences.”

Matteo Maccario, CEO, Pluvo, said: “We are incredibly excited to partner with KineticX as they share Pluvo’s ambitions to bring innovation and real public benefit into the OOH industry, leveraging the classic advertising model to create healthier cities. With KineticX as our partner we look forward to working with strong brands who will advertise on our Pluvo units, not only for their uniqueness but also for the positive public goodwill generated by cleaning the air people breathe.” 

KineticX works solely with early to mid-stage start-ups whose products and services compliment the rapidly developing OOH environment, with a focus on digital screen technology, new display formats, environmentally friendly projects and interactive technology. 

Source: Kinetic

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