New branding for Currys PC World welcomes customers into a bright new world

The complete brand refresh led by FutureBrand is a timely and positive boost for customers as stores re-open across the country

FutureBrand ‘ latest work: a total refresh of the Currys PC World brand. The new bright and optimistic visual identity, which will be rolled-out in both in-store and online shopping environments, now reflects Currys PC World’s passion for helping everyone enjoy amazing technology, alongside the brand’s core values of being modern, stunning, witty, infectiously passionate and a smart cookie.

The work has been created over the last 18 months through a process of close collaboration, co-creation and fluid-working between the FutureBrand and Currys PC World teams, exploring new ways of re-branding by focusing on training, tools and education. Each principle developed by FutureBrand was stress-tested by the internal Curry’s PC World team on existing live examples to ensure it would work across the full spectrum of omni-channel touch-points.

Katie Revell, Account Directorat FutureBrand commented, “Currys PC World had accumulated a number of different legacy assets which had led to an inconsistent use of colours and visual language across different stores. Our challenge was to move Currys PC World away from its existing assets to a new visual identity which will consistently communicate the brand’s unique personality and consumer offer across all physical and digital touch-points.” 

FutureBrand took inspiration from the iconic globe in the Currys PC World logo (which is not changing) to develop a new ‘bright world’ for the brand: a bold visual identity based on colourful spheres and circles that expresses a sense of openness, optimism and an excitement about life and technology. The circular thread runs through all of the assets, including new iconography, animation guidelines, photography, videography, website and a new bespoke typeface, Currys Sans, which has been created especially for the brand via a collaboration with Colophon Foundry.

At the core of the identity is a new strong and powerful purple while a complementary palette of pink, yellow, green and purple brings the ‘bright world’ to life. FutureBrand has also introduced a vivid magenta into advertising and marketing communications, which is used to highlight the ways Currys PC World stands out from it’s competitors.

Adam Savage, Design Director at FutureBrand commented, “The designs we’ve created give Currys PC World a clear and distinctive visual identity within the market. For example, even when supplier photography is used in communications, it is elevated and made ownable to the brand in how it interacts with the colourful circular designs and animations in the visual identity.”

FutureBrand have also created an online guidance tool known as the Brand Hub, providing all brand principles, assets and guidance in one place. Not only does this ensure everyone has the latest and most up-to-date information, but it’s also a living site, updated and strengthened with each new challenge as the new branding is rolled out. 

Corin Mills, Head of Brand, Comms & Media at Currys PC World, said, “Today, brands must have impact and show what they stand for and this new visual identity captures our distinctive personality and the passion we have for all things tech. The bright world FutureBrand has created for us couldn’t have come at a better time as innovations such as ShopLive, where customers can speak to an in-store expert from the comfort of their own home, launches online and we welcome customers into our stores again. We can’t wait to introduce them to it.”

Source: FutureBrand

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