Peachaus Women Get Naked

How fashion brand empowers women to step into their comfort zone with brand campaign ‘Naked Talks’ by DUDE London

Peachaus, a recently launched sustainable and ethical lifestyle brand, has unveiled its latest collection with a unique and powerful social and digital brand campaign film. ‘Naked Talks’ features a group of women who experience nerves around public speaking, to an all female, underwear clad audience. The film aims to capture the essence of Peachaus: free spirited clothing designed to support women to feel comfortable in their own skin and have the courage to be themselves in their everyday, every day.

With research showing that 3 out of 4 women fear public speaking and with courage and confidence being at the core of the Peachaus ethos, the film aims to tackle this common anxiety.  Advice often given to apprehensive public speakers is to imagine the audience naked.  Peachaus has taken that concept almost literally, inviting four speakers to present their speech in front of an all female audience dressed solely in Peachaus underwear.  

Created with an all female production crew by independent creative hotshop DUDE London, the ‘Naked Talks’ brand film boldly encourages women to embrace their fears to bare all to an audience who is doing the same!  Each speaker had a unique performance, from rehearsing a new stand up comedy routine, to practising a speech for her sister’s wedding day, Naked Talks gave each person a safe space to test the waters. The result is a unique, intimate and emotionally charged film full of inspirational moments and which creates confidence.

The brainchild of fashion industry doyenne, Gillian Ridley Whittle, Peachaus is a curated collection made from recycled Italian lace, low-impact cotton, bamboo and recycled polyester, all fabrics have been carefully selected to ensure that the products are super comfortable, soft, lightweight and breathable to make women feel beautiful inside and out. The range features beautifully designed bras, bralettes, knickers in a variety of shapes and styles, plus a range of bed-to-beach-to-bar wear including oversized shirts, sweatshirts, boxer-style shorts and trousers. Prices range from £15 for a cotton eye mask to £80 for a hand embroidered sweatshirt.

Gillian Ridley Whittle, Founder, Peachaus said: “At the heart of the Peachaus Naked Talks is the real life demonstration of people having the courage to be themselves, to be entirely comfortable in their own skin. The film is about finding your comfort zone, that space where you feel safe, secure and confident, that allows every individual’s brilliance to shine. We aimed to capture the essence of Peachaus: clothing to help women have the courage to be themselves in their everyday, every day.”

Vic D’Andrea, creative, DUDE, added: “This is the sort of idea you never expect to actually make it all the way to our screens. But when you find an amazing company like Peachaus that has the confidence to take a risk, you end up creating something really unique. And what better way to send an important message than in a lighthearted way”

The campaign will run on social and digital fashion and lifestyle channels and well as brand owned channels. Media was by The GoodNet.

Peachaus first store will open their doors to the public at 55 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, London WC2 on the 6th March.

Source: DUDE London

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