Ragged Edge rebrands Trussle as the ‘home of home ownership’

Becoming a homeowner is a huge and happy milestone. But for many people the journey to get there is still overwhelming and outdated. Trussle’s ambition is to change that by transforming the home ownership journey into a simple, rewarding and modern experience.

Branding agency Ragged Edge worked with Trussle to define their proposition, before creating a new visual and verbal identity for the fintech start-up. Following the rebrand, the agency joined forces with UnLtd Inc and Squadron Venture Media to create an advertising campaign to launch the home of homeownership brand to UK consumers, which goes live March 15.

An Industry Starved of Innovation

For many people, securing a mortgage can be a painful and fractured experience. Trussle was borne out of Founder and CEO Ishaan Malhi’s own frustration in struggling to secure a mortgage for his first home.

Malhi says: “There‘s too much jargon, too much complexity and not enough transparency. Millions of people lose out financially, and emotionally, as a result. At Trussle, we’re tackling this head on. We’re making the mortgage journey simpler and more intuitive, removing lots of the hurdles and helping save people money in the process.”

Opening Doors For More People

Trussle enlisted Ragged Edge to create a brand reflective of their ambition to become the number one brand for home ownership. A brand that could work for today’s audience wherever they were on the property ladder, while challenging industry expectations.

Max Ottignon, Co-founder, Ragged Edge says: “Homes are where people build their lives, families, and futures, so we worked with the Trussle team to create a brand that could stand for far more than finance. Trussle opens doors at every stage of the home ownership journey. This central thought led to a brand idea – Open Doors – that could manifest itself across every area of the business – from design, to product development, to customer service.”

Visual & Verbal Identity

Inspired by the purity of an architect’s drawing, the brand idea inspired the new Trussle logo, as well as forming the basis of a flexible graphic system to frame an illustrative style created in-house at Ragged Edge.

The new customer-facing tagline ‘The home of home ownership’ feels equally broad and bold, while the welcoming tone of voice enables the brand to speak to the breadth of customer and circumstance they serve.

As well as developing a comprehensive guide to bringing the brand to life across all channels, Ragged Edge continue a brand guardianship role with Trussle.

Consumer Launch Campaign

According to Trussle’s research, there are at least 2 million UK mortgage holders who could save an average £300 a month by sparing two minutes to sign up to Trussle to check if they are on the right mortgage product and never think about their mortgage again.

So to launch the brand to consumers, Ragged Edge worked with UnLtd Inc and Squadron Venture Media to create an above the line advertising campaign to drive awareness around this compelling message.

Ragged Edge wrote, designed and illustrated a poster campaign designed to tackle mortgage inertia. The posters will run across new Routemaster buses and on tube car panels. Meanwhile UnLtd created two TV commercials that playfully explain the product with a tongue-twisting play on words. Media was planned and bought by Squadron Venture Media.

Source: Ragged Edge

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