SKYN Hijack Censorship to Encourage People to Explore Intimacy with Sid Lee and HAMLET

This winter SKYN is launching a worldwide brand campaign, created by Sid Lee Paris, to once again encourage consumers to enjoy the endless exploration of pleasure.

And this time SKYN chose to play with a trend that tends to put an end to exploration: censorship.

A censorship that constrains more and more brands and opinion leaders who see their content banned on social media as soon as they talk about sexuality.

A censorship that stands as a barrier to the freedom of exploring the body, discovering, pleasure and sexual fulfillment.

So SKYN decided to commandeer an iconic graphic element of censorship: the blurred rectangle. And hijack it to show their products. An original way to show off its range of condoms, lubes, and toys where ordinarily it’s impossible with censorship. But most of all, it’s a smart opportunity to make censorship even more exciting. Because censorship arouses curiosity. Because everyone wants to see what’s behind the blurred rectangle and it’s even more appealing if a product only hints at what’s actually happening.

SKYN developed a series of films for different markets in an international campaign directed by Ludovic Gontrand (Hamlet) and a series of photos shot by Félix Dol Maillot (Hamlet). The films were shot in digital video, which gives a more intimate, immersive home-made craft that renders viewers all the more curious. The film isn’t intended to be pornographic but, rather, pique this deeply rooted human trait through a succession of sensual – and extra sensual – scenes. And thanks to this, censorship can go even further in showcasing intimacy…

“These past months we had a lot of discussions with the brand and opinion leaders specialized in sexuality. While intimacy is becoming more and more openly discussed in all its forms amongst people and in the media, social media censorship remains significant when it comes to pleasure and sexuality. This isn’t conducive to understanding all facets of sexuality and does not encourage open dialogue. Inspired by pictures on social media, censored with rectangles we wanted to leverage censorship into an opportunity for SKYN to talk about intimacy and turn what might previously have stopped conversations taking place into something that drives curiosity.”

–           Creative Directors Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa

Source: Sid Lee Paris

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