Survey finds Christmas adverts influence just 12% of consumers

survey_monkeyMarketers are being given something to chew over this Christmas alongside their turkey following publication of a SurveyMonkey analysis of Christmas advertising campaigns, which found that just 12 per cent influence consumer shopping habits.

A massive seven in eight of those surveyed indicated that advertising camapigns held no sway over their purchase decision, insisting that quality and price were the determining factors in what gets boxed up under the tree.

In response SurveyMonkey is calling on brands to stop squandering advertising budgets on emotionally-charged ads which raise brand awareness but fail to translate into sales and instead target sales more aggressively.

Mansoor Malik, managing director UK of SurveyMonkey, said: “Christmas is a great time of year, and we wouldn’t be a grinch that says brands shouldn’t contribute to the festive mood. However, we must be honest and recognise that if campaigns aren’t driving sales, they’re not meeting their core objective.”

“Clearly, most brands today undergo expensive audience testing before running ads, but our findings suggest there are a few simple questions that still need to be answered by any brand before they commit to a campaign,” added Mansoor.

Just 12 per cent of respondents said their love of an advertising campaign would compel them to buy a gift from that store or brand whilst an overwhelming 82 per cent said the reason they purchase products from their favourite brands is due to the quality of the products A further 58 per cent said price also played an important factor.

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