Tesco Mobile unveils stage three of its #nojoke campaign

Tesco Mobile has unveiled the third stage of its #nojoke campaign, with five customers offered the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 and contract… if they could persuade a friend to change to Tesco Mobile right then and there.

Created by Jam, the #nojoke campaign combines social media, real time content creation and online film.

“The Call works on a very simple, but very engaging way – if a friend told you about something amazing, would you think they’re joking? Would you hang up? Or would you take their word for it?” said Chris de Abreu, creative director of Jam. “We put Tesco Mobile customers to a real time test, and created one of the most persuasive brand advocates in the process.”

The campaign follows other moves by Tesco Mobile as the company looks to show it is a serious competitor in the market, including giving a free phone to someone who mocked the idea of Tesco Mobile.

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