“The New Year is Calling”

New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest moments of the year for WhatsApp, with friends and loved ones reaching out across the globe to celebrate. WhatsApp is marking the occasion with a campaign running across its owned surfaces, with a hero product –group calling– at the centre of it. 

“The New Year is Calling” campaign leans into the insight that WhatsApp is where the new year begins. The hero film follows the sun from Indonesia to America in a game of global phone tag, connecting the world one WhatsApp call at a time. 


Creative X, Meta

Naz Nazli Creative Director, Creative X, Meta

Kate Ursu Copywriter, Creative X, Meta

Lynn Nakamura Art Director, Creative X, Meta

Christine Gomez Producer, Creative X, Meta

Brandon Romer Producer, Creative X, Meta

Jacob Wolfman Program Management, Creative X, Meta

Aleksey Leybin Designer, Creative X, Meta

Noah Winter Business Affairs Manager, Creative X, Meta

Magdalena Wiater Business Affairs, Creative X, Meta

Marla McCormick Program Lead, Creative X, Meta

Chad Emerson Executive Producer, Creative X, Meta

Mustafa Imam Head of Production, Creative X, Meta

Lucas Heck Creative Director, Creative X, Meta

Zach Stubenvoll Head of Design, Creative X, Meta

Rodrigo Moran Head of Creative, Family of Apps, Creative X, Meta

Tom Markham VP, Head of Creative, Creative X, Meta

Alle Aufderhaar VP, Managing Director, Creative X, Meta

Amanda Goodspeed VP, Creative X, Meta

WhatsApp Marketing

Vivian Odior Director, WhatsApp Marketing

Janine Kahn Director, In-App Content, WhatsApp

Nalissa Cuthbert-Henry Editorial Lead, In-App Content, WhatsApp

Tina He Product Marketing Lead, In-App Content, WhatsApp

Katelyn Dewey-Reams Marketing Manager, In-App Content, WhatsApp

Maryam Shehata Project Manager, In-App Content, WhatsApp

Jeff Gerrity Project Manager, In-App Content, WhatsApp

Rio Penabella Social Marketing Lead, WhatsApp

Production Company 1st Ave Machine

Director Maxime Bruneel

DP Luis Armando Arteaga

Executive Producer Kate Hitchings

Producer Jason Taragan

Production Company Moonlighting South Africa

Producer Suzanne Currie

Production Manager Wade Olkers

Edit Cut and Run 

Executive Producer Brian Stanley

Head of Production Kristen Jenkins

Editor Amy Rosenberg

Assistant Editor Sky Kim

VFX/Finish Jogger

Head of Production Diana Cheng

Motion GFX Designer Daniel Chang

Flame Artist Jan Cilliers

Color Grade Royal Muster

Executive Producer Thatcher Peterson

Head of Production Diane Valera

Colorist Roslyn DiSisto

Sound Design/Mix Barking Owl

Co Founder Kelly Bayett

Executive Producer KC Dossett

Sound Engineer AJ Murillo

Sound Designer Gus Koven

Source: Meta

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