Transport for London appoints Wavemaker as its new media planning and buying agency

Transport for London (TfL) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) have confirmed Wavemaker has been selected to be the media planning and buying agency on behalf of the GLA Group for marketing and behaviour change projects and public consultations, following a highly competitive pitch process. 

As a result of the selection, the opportunity will be open to TfL, the wider GLA Group and London and Partners to work with the successful agency for up to four years. Examples of the campaigns that they will potentially be working on include encouraging Londoners to use more sustainable ways of getting around London using public transport, walk and cycle, road and public transport safety campaigns as well as campaigns to inform Londoners about the work of the Mayor and London Assembly, including big economic, social and environmental issues affecting London. 

Combining budgets across the GLA Group into one collaborative Framework Agreement with a single supplier ensures the best value for money for the authorities by achieving more competitive media and servicing costs through aggregated spend. 

Miranda Leedham, Head of Customer Marketing & Behaviour Change at Transport for London (TfL), said: “We are pleased to have selected Wavemakeras our media planning and buying agency now we have completed our statutory review on behalf of the GLA Group. As the role of marketing continues to evolve, we look forward to working with them as part of our wider marketing strategy to meet future challenges, capture the attention of our audiences and continue to ensure best value.”

Katie Lee, Chief Operating Officer at Wavemaker UK, said: “We are thrilled to have retained TfL and the wider GLA group as clients after a phenomenal 16 years of partnership. Looking forward, we are excited about the upcoming campaigns we will work on together, ensuring no Londoner is left behind. A massive thank you to every Wavemaker who worked their socks off on this pitch and to TfL for continuing to put their trust in our brilliant team. This win was emotional and a great way to start 2023.”

Source: Transport for London

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