“Undaily Bread” A journey that never ends.

The photographic collection that portrays the other side of the Venezuelan refugees and immigrants’ story. Alongside Gregg Segal, a recognized American photographer and author of the series “Daily Bread” where he portrayed the daily diet of children around the world, under a unique style based on each of their culture.

We decided to create the opposite, the “Undaily Bread”project, an audiovisual collection that portrayed the reality of the journey of hundreds of refugee and migrant mothers that every day cross the border seeking for protection and a better future for their child’s.

UNDAILY BREAD tells the story of five refugee families that left everything behind to be able to cross the Colombian cold moors on foot. Our pictures are meant to bring awareness to the crisis they faced on their seven-day journey (starting at the border until they reached Bogotá), portraying them around the things they carried from home in addition to the diet they ate on the road.

Credits Agency

Agency: Publicis Colombia

Chief Creative Officer: Camilo Carvajal

Creative Director: Anderson Quiroga / Juan Afanador

Copywriter: Pablo Gaitan / Jose Racioppi

Art Director: William Neuta

Photographer: Gregg Segal 

Edition: Katherine Garcia

Producción Photo: Salvación Studio / Mambo

Source: Publicis Colombia

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