Volkswagen identifies the UK’s best roads for GTI Drivers

Volkswagen UK has launched a data-driven partnership with crowdsourced navigation app Waze, to identify ‘GTI Superdrives’; the UK’s best driving routes for UK drivers to explore and enjoy over the next two months.

The campaign has been developed to promote the Volkswagen GTI range as ‘The People’s Supercar’. In a world of ever-increasing price tags supercars are less attainable than ever. The GTI range changes that by bringing performance car excitement to the masses, together with realistic pricing and everyday utility.

Using data from over 2 million Waze users we have been able to analyse roads across the country to find the most enjoyable drives. Waze’s intelligent data on traffic flow, numbers of corners, their proximity to points of interest and visual interest, has identified and verified 75 routes that are the ‘Volkswagen GTI Superdrives’.

The Superdrives will be detectable on the Waze app via location pins over the next two months for car enthusiasts across the country to drive to and enjoy.

The partnership between Volkswagen and Waze was brokered by PHD. Tribal Worldwide London, were responsible for the proposition, concept and execution. The campaign is live from today; drivers should ensure they have the latest version of Waze available from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The app will also help drivers find the best time to make journeys using ‘Planned Drives’ which helps users avoid traffic by recommending the best time to leave, ensuring they have more enjoyable journeys throughout the late summer months.

Alison Jones, Director of Volkswagen UK, said: “Our GTI badge quite simply stands for driving joy. The three GTI models we offer today are among the most engaging cars available not just in the volume market but, in my view, at any price. Working with Waze, we wanted to offer more drivers the chance to get off the often congested ‘beaten track’ and instead experience the simple pleasure of driving once more.
“The aim, very clearly, is about enjoying time behind the wheel – not speeding or driving in a way that increases risk – and we believe that the intelligence of the Waze app helps drivers do just that.”

Finlay Clark, UK General Manager, Waze, said; “Our data reveals that UK drivers spend much longer in the car over longer distances in the summer. We’ve seen a trend of more searches to UK holiday destinations, so we wanted to help drivers have a more enjoyable holiday this summer. Working with Volkswagen and Tribal, we’ve created an experience that adds that fun back into driving but took drivers away from the mundane motorways and towards the more exciting roads that are perhaps less travelled”

Victoria Buchanan, Executive Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide UK added; “The brief was to celebrate the new range of three GTIs, Golf, Polo and up! and position it as the People’s Supercar. We had the idea to give GTI drivers great alternative routes to drive roads for the joy of driving, get away from the mundane routes and find new roads and routes to enjoy. It felt natural to combine our Volkswagen core fan base and partner with the intelligent system of Waze to help us predict and find the best driving roads in Britain. A combination of expert reviews and Waze data highlighted the best scenic routes based on a number of metrics. This idea allows us to associate the best roads in the UK with the GTI brand, so that even if drivers don’t use the roads. All drivers need to do is follow the signs and they’ll get to have a taste of what driving a GTI is like.”

The GTI Superdrives will be available in Waze for two months from the beginning of August.

Source: Tribal Worldwide London

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