VW Meets A-Ha with Deutsch LA


What if you didn’t have to worry about maintenance on your car? You might just feel like jumping into the classic 80s video “Take on Me”… well you would if you were the main character in the new Volkswagen spot from Deutsch LA and O Positive.

“Feeling Carefree” celebrates Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance, which offers no-charge scheduled maintenance on VW cars for the first two years or 24,000 miles. Because of the program, all the protagonist in the ad has to think about is driving the car he loves—and possibly dancing with a woman wearing 80s clothes.

The spot is a combination of stills, animated sequences and live action, just like the original A-Ha video, which broke new ground when it launched in 1985, winning six MTV Video Music Awards.

The spot was created using the same roto-scoping method as the original video – live action actors and the cars were filmed and then an animation was created over the original footage. This made for a different kind of shoot. Because we didn’t have to worry about lighting and sound, we could simply shoot until we got the right angles.

The track is the original music from A-Ha. The ad was intended to pay homage to “Take on Me,” but isn’t meant as a sequel or recreation; for example, the characters aren’t intended to be the “Take on Me” actors.

“Feeling Carefree” was directed by David Shane, who shot Deutsch’s recent “Johnny Conquest spots” and notable work such as Bud Light’s “Swear Jar.”

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