We Are Made To Be Together

The French telecoms operator and BETC, famous for touching ads like “An Unforgettable Christmas”, featuring an awkward dad dancing to Redbone’s “Come Get Your Love”, with over 180 million views, launches another heart-warming story to promote its new brand positioning.

Bouygues Telecom has always placed people—customers, employees, partners and the public—at the heart of its actions. That is why Bouygues Telecom has chosen a new mission: to be the operator that makes human relations grow.

The brand understands new technologies change our relationships, with positive but also negative repercussions. They allow us to communicate more easily, more directly and more often or even to meet and network outside of our usual social circles. They can, however, trap us in a bubble or encourage us to create superficial relationships. Bouygues Telecom’s ambition is that digital technology be accessible to all; that it does not become a source of exclusion or division; and above all to encourage people to give more time to those close to them.  

Its new signature, We Are Made to be Together, illustrates the importance Bouygues attributes to our personal relationships and embodies both its vision of society and technology, its values and its corporate objectives. The signature will launch 27 January in a major national campaign designed by BETC.

The film, Max & Romain, retraces the story of two childhood friends. Separated by life’s changes and the passing of time, they regain contact by using torch signals just as they did as kids. Directed by Martin Werner (Henry), the film echoes Bouygues Telecom’s latest successful campaigns, using sensitive stories of interpersonal relationships accompanied by cult soundtracks (here, a cover of “I’m gonna be” by The Proclaimers).

A selection of prints accompanies the film, underlining the brand’s signature by showing glimpses of people’s relationships in everyday life­—something that we can all relate to.

This new brand positioning commits the company to a new outlook which will pave the way for future innovation and projects in the coming year, starting with a major corporate project on digital inclusion and fighting against isolation.

Bouygues Telecom is also in the process of changing its brand design with BETC Design.

The global media strategy was designed by Performics and Blue 449 and builds on the success of the brand’s two previous Christmas campaigns. The long format will air on television, online video and in cinemas.

The campaign will be released on TV, digital, in cinemas, posters and press from 26 January 2020.

Source: BETC

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