Williams Murray Hamm Helps Castrol Switch On An Electric Future

Castrol has collaborated with long time branding partner Williams Murray Hamm (WMH), to create the name and identity for a new umbrella brand that will cover its range of e-Fluids for the electric vehicle market. Launching March 2021, Castrol ON visibly signals the business’s move into electric mobility.


The world is accelerating into an electric future. To further advance the adoption of e-vehicles, they will need to go further, charge faster and last longer. With Castrol ON, the business can provide e-vehicle manufacturers with the advanced e-fluids they need to overcome these challenges.

The business approached WMH over 18 months ago to create the positioning, name and identity for this advanced range of products which are already used by the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team.

Focusing on the desire to position Castrol as pioneers in e-mobility, WMH wanted to create a brand that was forward thinking, bright and futuristic. Positioning Castrol as a business that helps the global switch to
electrification, the name ‘ON’ was established as the brand name and created simultaneously with the brand
identity which uses the globally familiar digital toggle button – swiping from left/off to right/on – as inspiration.


Easily recognisable, the physical movement is represented on the graphic, as the ‘O’ comes from a colour gradient going from dark blue, through vivid blue to bright fluorescent green communicating its e-mobility credentials.

The silver ‘O’ and ‘N’, at a slight angle shows a brand forever in motion and always moving forward whilst emitting a future-focused feel. In its online activated state, the Castrol ON switch energises illuminated graphics, while the energy lines communicate progress and show how Castrol ON helps to make the switch to an electric future.

On the launch of Castrol ON, Phil Neck, Global Marketing Lead for Castrol e-Fluids, said; “The launch of Castrol ON is a clear indication of the work we are doing at Castrol to help drive the electric vehicle sector forward. The new name and identity are crucial to position Castrol as a credible player in this future market”.

Garrick Hamm, creative partner at WMH added; “We been working with Castrol for over 10 years now and I’m thrilled we are part of this next bold & pioneering step with them, as they launch their e-Fluids brand.”

Castrol ON launches globally from March 2021.


Agency: Williams Murray Hamm

Creative Director: Garrick Hamm

Creative Lead: Chris Ribet
Moving Image: Jason Budgen

Managing Director: Wybe Magermans

Account Director: Bella Thompson

Source: Williams Murray Hamm

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