“You need more holidays”

How can you tell that your vacation is more than overdue? For example, an increasing tiredness of everyday life that no longer gives you enough concentration to do things properly. FRASER uses this scenario to set up a brand launch campaign for its new customer holidayheroes, the young online travel portal from Munich, Germany.

There are far too many options and offers when booking a vacation. Vacations are becoming more expensive and shorter, and a flood of information and tedious searching await users. Days of research and comparison — all in all: far too much stress. holidayheroes want to eliminate this stress and offer intuitive finding. The company is now also launching its communication with ease.

Instead of the industry-standard price-focused advertising strategies, holidayheroes and FRASER are focusing on more vacations for those in need. With humor designed to pick up users in everyday situations in order to attract strong attention and establish an empathetic connection. Situational comedy from social media with funny everyday fails is used for the films.

In holidayheroes’ communication, the focus is on promoting the user-friendly and personalized customer experience, supported by intelligent algorithms. Through this approach, the campaign positions holidayheroes not just as a travel option, but as the preferred choice for a more comprehensive and enriching travel experience.

The campaign, which will run on TV and digital from June 3, consists of three moving image assets and aims to significantly increase brand awareness and clearly differentiate holidayheroes from other travel portals.

Robin Wolters, Managing Director of holidayheroes: “Never before have Germans paid so much for so little vacation. Instead of ‘cheaper, cheaper, cheaper’, holidayheroes is all about #moreholidays. As the new kid on the block, it is essential to position our brand in a clear, distinctive and bold way. In working with FRASER, we’ve managed to do just that. Our TV debut — just like our platform — breaks with the status quo in a fresh, new and innovative way.”

“Launching a new brand is always exciting. We are particularly pleased with the decision of our new client holidayheroes to emerge as a disruptive player in a highly competitive market and compete against already established providers,” says Fernando Barbella, MD Creation and Partner at FRASER, “With the vehicle of humor, we have found a way to connect the offer for more vacations with real everyday human situations and behaviors — with all the mistakes and mishaps we make when we urgently need a vacation and some time for ourselves. By using the kind of content we share with family and friends every day, we can further develop the concept across multiple touchpoints.”

Source: FRASER

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