Allianz Worldwide Care announces company rebrand

Allianz Worldwide Care changed its name today to Allianz Partners, and its international health and life insurance products and services are now being promoted under the ‘Allianz Care’ product brand. 

As the international health and life specialists at Allianz Partners, they will continue to provide health insurance and services to the staff of multinational organisations as well as private individuals and their families living abroad. 



Speaking about the rebrand, Ida Luka-Lognoné, Allianz Partners Board Member, CEO of International Health, said: “The world is changing at a fast rate. Businesses want global solutions and consumers want likable brands that are digitally appealing. For these reasons, we are creating a more personal, modern and colourful brand and identity which is also digitally friendly. Something which is less corporate, less formal and which more accurately reflects the warmth and personal touch of the interactions we have with our customers. 

We have a new name and branding, but our commitment to caring for our clients around the world remains exactly the same. As before, our primary focus will be on ensuring that we deliver world class international health insurance products and services that meet the needs of our clients and partners.” 

This brand evolution is part of a global strategy which will be implemented across all business lines of Allianz Partners over the next two years.

 Source: Allianz Partners

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