BACARDÍ Presents: Dress to Be Free – Liberate Your Truest Selves This Halloween to Find Your Tribe

This Halloween – as partygoers seek costume inspiration from culture icons, BACARDÍ introduces DRESS TO BE FREE, a campaign aimed at liberating our truest selves in honor of the holiday rooted in self-expression.

 BACARDÍ is honing in on the spirit of Halloween as the intersection of a world of people who dress up to be themselves every day and those who liberate themselves through costume for the occasion. Dress to be Free is inspired by living for these moments in which we are most joyful and free. 

 This Halloween, BACARDÍ celebrates these moments and these individuals, and as such, we have identified two groups who base their manifesto on authenticity, truth, togetherness, and celebration – Carnavaliers and Pantsula troupes.

 The celebration, gathering of a community, and loud, colorful, sparkling, feathered attire solidify Carnavaliers as pillars of the Dress to be Free movement. They are bright and bold, and enable tribe members to shed their day-to-day conventions and celebrate who they really are. Their outfits are completely liberating, and allow every Carnavalier to live their truest selves.

Dress to be Free is inspired by those who feel liberated everyday not only through heritage, culture, or clothing, but also through movement. Pantsula is a style of dance used to spread the joyous message of a more truthful, freer lifestyle in South African townships. Tribe members don brightly colored suits with bucket hats and bowties, breaking conventions around the rigid attire common of the working class. When these Pantsula members dress up and dance, they transform into a liberated unit that will not be dismissed by anyone, proving that in their attire, they are free to be themselves.

Taking cue from Carnavaliers and Pantsula troupes, along with other cultural tribes, who Dress to be Free every day, BACARDÍ liberates Halloween and reclaims what it means to dress up.


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