Bates Asia and CHI & Partners announce joint venture forming ‘new model’ network

Bates Asia and CHI & Partners announced today the formation of a joint venture, Bates CHI & Partners, a ‘new model’ network with deep roots in Asia and world-class creative credentials.

The new network immediately doubles the size of both businesses. The agency will give western clients direct access to strong market capabilities across Asia’s fastest growing economies. Asian brands wishing to break into Europe and USA can benefit from local knowledge, world-class creativity and a dedicated agency network.

“The joint venture brings together Bates, the agency that invented the Unique Selling Proposition back in the 1940s, with CHI, the creators of ‘the big idea’, its modern equivalent,” said Johnny Hornby, Founding Partner of CHI & Partners. “This new model network will use our big ideas process to put together bespoke multi-disciplined teams from a variety of disciplines and geographies. It will be a nimbler, faster, more modern alternative to the big networks.”

With 16 offices across the globe – including London and New York and 14 Asian offices – this network will create a strong offering for clients wanting to marry world-class creativity and strategic skills with deep local insights.

“It’s a compelling proposition. Clients all over the world – just like the consumers they serve – are increasingly leaning towards more bespoke solutions developed from a wider menu of talent and skills which by definition don’t all live in the same place any more,” said David Mayo, CEO, Bates. “At the same time they demand geographical spread in order to reach multiple, connected audiences. The new Bates CHI & Partners forms a global network with access to some of the best tools and skills available anywhere.”

Johnny Hornby will lead the agency globally while David Mayo will run operations in Asia in his role as CEO, Bates CHI & Partners. The company name Bates CHI & Partners will be used in Asia while the London and New York offices will retain their respective names CHI & Partners.

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