Berghaus launches ‘Time to Get Out’ campaign via VCCP

Berghaus has launched a new campaign which evolves from 2018’s successful and celebrated ‘Time to Get Out’ campaign, in which up-and-coming local painters were commissioned to capture their scenic escape in oils.

In 2019, Berghaus are applying the same principles of championing undiscovered talent but this time through the realm of photography. 

Working with VCCP, Berghaus engaged a number of photographers sourced from Instagram to act as brand ambassadors. Two locations were chosen for each of the seasonal campaigns – the Lake District (Spring/Summer) and the Isle of Skye (Autumn/Winter). Both locations were chosen as they are known and loved by each photographer. 

Each shoot saw the photographers briefed before sunrise on location, before getting out for the day, kitted out in Berghaus, with their group of friends to shoot and enjoy the landscape, capturing both inspirational shots and more detailed, close in shots highlighting the Berghaus clothing. 

Keen to reach their audience in their native and digital environment, the campaign will run on social channels where the Berghaus audience seek inspiration. Each shot captures the true grit and wildness of the epic outdoors, with a tone of voice that is both characterful and irreverent.  

Chris Tattersall, Head of Brand Management, Berghaus said: “We brought together a community of photographers to help us to capture credible and impactful stories that demonstrate the very real benefits of time spent outdoors. We’ll bring these rich stories to life in digital and social spaces where our consumers head for inspiration and escape – landing the powerful message that it’s time to grab your Berghaus, its time get out.”

Jim Thornton, Deputy Executive Creative Director, added: “We wanted to show people in authentic, real-life situations, enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer. and who better than people who do that anyway, like landscape painters and photographers? Berghaus has always been an antidote to fads, and a constant throughout changing turbulent times. It’s smart, stylish, clothing that does exactly what it’s supposed to – keep you dry and warm so you can make the most of your time getting out.” 

Spring Summer launches with social and digital in July, while Autumn Winter is bolstered by a targeted run of outdoor ads in proximity to retail in September.

Source: VCCP

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