BETC For E.LECLERC : Being a responsible consumer can be hard!

BETC presents a new brand campaign for French supermarket E.LECLERC, celebrating and supporting all the French people trying to be responsible consumers – something that isn’t always easy!

For more than 70 years, E.LECLERC’s mission has been to “defend what matters” to the French. Today, millions of them are changing their habits: they buy more locally sourced and organic products, they recycle, reuse and read the label. An increasing number of French people try to eat well every day, protect their families’ health and care for the environment.

But who recognizes the struggle of these everyday heroes? Who celebrates their efforts to change their habits? No one! Even worse, no one dares to tell the honest truth: consuming responsibly is not so easy.

This is why the E.LECLERC stores are committed to making it all simpler by offering accessible and economical products to encourage French people to participate however they can in the move towards better consumption. The project is supported by a new brand campaign produced by Ivan Grbovic (Wanda).

Set to the catchy and famous tune Spin Me Round (Like a Record), the campaign takes a guilt free and fun approach to responsible consumer habits and offers concrete solutions to help people with their lifestyle choices. The campaign will be broadcast in 60 and 45 second format on TV, Cinema and Digital. The campaign also encompasses instore activations and social media tutorials.

Source: BETC

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