Billboard listening to cold symptoms – Remind Swedes of KLM’s full refund offering

After a successful campaign in March this year, summer trip sales went up by 70% in Sweden – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines together with creative agency partner M&C Saatchi Stockholm now follow up with a more high tech approach: The refund billboard.

By detecting cold symptoms the billboard can effectively remind Swedes that for whatever reason, may it be a cold or a change of heart, KLM’s flight bookings can be cancelled at no cost. 

”Our full refund policy is a caring move that allows travellers to safely book their tickets and dare to dream about travelling again. The listening billboard is a fun way to highlight that”, says Maria Hagelberg, Marketing Manager KLM North Europe. 


The billboard, equipped with a listening device and an AI motor, identifies 40 000 cough and sneeze sounds. When a symptom sound is detected KLMs general travel billboard, with a lovely surf destination at a low price, switches to: ”Unwell?” or ”Bless you!” followed by ”Cancel €0”. 

The billboard technology was developed together with outdoor solution agency Havelle and integrated into a Clear Channel adshel in the city center of Stockholm. 

Source: M&C Saatchi Stockholm

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