Campaign by Africa Creative Exposes Deadly Kidney Problems That Burden the Trans Community and in Partnership with Doctors Launch Lingerie That Can Save Lives

Ads depict use of tapes, strings, and superglue to hide genitals and spotlight an alternative product from Truccs and propose legislative action in Brazil

Brazil is the country that kills the most trans women in the world. Since most of them keep their male genitals, hiding their genitals is a way of making themselves invisible to the violence on the streets. But, with the organs glued to their bodies, it becomes impossible for them to use the bathroom. Hence, kidney related diseases are one of the highest rates of death among trans women.

The Africa Campaign wanted to bring light to this very rough reality that is only known by members of the trans community. With very sensitive content, the campaign shows how these women hide their genitals, making use of tapes, strings and even superglue. Africa also highlighted an alternative to this problem: Truccs, the lingerie specially designed for a trans woman’s body.

As the urologist specializing in gender reassignment who supported the project, Dr. Thiago Caetano says “Wearing panties is a healthier solution. Several problems can be avoided, including allergies, skin injuries, and issues related to prolonged periods of not urinating, such as urinary tract infections.”

To make the noise that the issue deserves, Africa launched Trucss as a fashionable lingerie brand with a commercial aired on Record TV — one of the most conservative TV channels in Brazil. The strategy worked: Africa’s campaign shocked the conservative public, but also engaged other parts of that society. The Truccs campaign received the support of thousands of influencers.

But the goal of the Africa agency is much bigger. It is to transform Trucss into a basic health item. To achieve this, Africa has sent a legislative idea to the Senate proposing the free distribution of the panties via the Unified Health System, making this item accessible to everyone.

For Silvana Bento, one of the founders and the CEO of Trucss, who launched, in partnership with Africa Creative, the trans community and doctors , a funnel-shaped panty specifically designed for the trans community, this bill is “the beginning of something never achieved before.”

Source: Africa Creative

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