Cheil Worldwide partners with Mirriad for native in-video advertising in South Korea

Cheil_MirriadCheil Worldwide, a leading South Korea-based marketing solutions company, and Mirriad, the world leader in native in-video advertising, have entered into a new long-term partnership. The alliance will enable Cheil to strengthen its leadership in the digital advertising market as well as enhance Mirriad’s market presence in Asia, and in particular in South Korea.

Mirriad’s patented NIVA (native in-video advertising) technology is an award-winning platform that allows brands to be digitally integrated into TV shows and music videos in the form of products, signage, video and other branded assets. Mirriad describes its pioneering form of advertising as “the cure for ad blindness”. And research conducted by marketing research firm Interpret shows that brands are two times more likely to be top of mind with consumers watching native in-video ads than comparable pre-rolls or interstitial ads.

When accessed by Mirriad’s suite of marketplace applications, creation of new inventory is fast and accurate, providing content owners and distributors a complete editorial control over brand integrations and overall ad operations.

This agreement builds on Mirriad’s recently announced partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), and Havas, the multinational advertising and public relations company.

“In the marketing industry where competition is getting tougher every day and the environment is evolving very rapidly, digital is no longer supplementary, and ‘going digital’ has now become a global phenomenon,” stated Bong-gyun Kim, Vice President of Digital Labs, Cheil Worldwide.

“Cheil’s partnership with Mirriad is of vital significance as it pioneers a new native in-video advertising market in Asia. With this partnership, Cheil secures a platform to directly influence consumers’ purchase decisions, overcoming a barrier that many marketers face in raising brand awareness and preference.”

“Fitting in is the new standing out. Audiences are becoming increasingly frustrated with advertising that disrupts and stands in the way of the content they want to enjoy,” said Michael Rees, Asia-Pacific Vice President, Mirriad.

“Cheil Worldwide has recognized the importance of this and through partnering with Mirriad, Cheil can now easily offer brands the ability to advertise within the shows and videos consumers want to watch, instead of just around them. We’re truly excited to bring native in-video advertising to South Korea; one of the most innovative markets in the world.”

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