Costa Coffee launches social campaign featuring comedian John Robins, inviting public to rename new ‘Hot Milkshake’ range

Costa Coffee is shaking up the winter season with an invitation to its dedicated fans and the public at large to rename its new ‘Hot Milkshake’ range for 72 hours. In a move that underlines Costa’s commitment to innovation and customer collaboration, the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop* has announced a new social media campaign, ‘Hot Milkshake – Name Pending’, across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels.

The brand is setting the stage for a taste revolution with the ‘Hot Milkshake’. The beverage, a first-of-its-kind category innovation, combines the comforting warmth of Costa fans’ favourite winter drinks with the delicious texture of a creamy milkshake. Available in White Chocolate & Strawberry, Chocolate Hazel, and Salted Caramel Coffee, the ‘Hot Milkshake’ is topped with whipped cream and sprinkles for an indulgent treat.

But here’s the twist – ‘Hot Milkshake’ is just a placeholder name. Costa Coffee acknowledges that this delicious innovation deserves a moniker as unique as the drink itself. Hence, Costa is turning to the public for inspiration, inviting everyone to submit their ideas for a name that truly captures the essence of this beverage.

“’Hot Milkshake’ just doesn’t do justice to what we’ve created,” says Charlee Strowger, Social Media Brand Manager at Costa Coffee. “It’s a revolutionary concept that combines a classic  indulgence with the comfort of warmth – a true breakthrough that deserves a title to match. We’re not just launching a new drink; we’re introducing a whole new experience. That’s why we’re asking our customers to contribute their creativity to this exciting journey.”

With the insight that Gen Z craves novel experiences, especially ones that defy expectations and invite collaboration, Costa Coffee is tapping into this desire by allowing them to become co-creators in this flavourful adventure.

“Our audience doesn’t just want to taste; they want to participate, to be a part of the story. This campaign is about nurturing that connection,” Charlee Strowger adds.

Drawing inspiration from the spirit of Boaty McBoatface and the growing trend of behind-the-scenes content, Costa has partnered with comedian John Robins. An entertaining voiceover gone awry features John attempting to rename the drink, thus kickstarting the public’s creativity to do the same. After the campaign’s month-long run, the top name suggestions will be put to a public vote, with the winning title being adopted across select retail stores.

Colin Byrne, Executive Creative Director, Europe, AnalogFolk says: “Although descriptive, the name of Costa’s new Hot Milkshake doesn’t quite dizzy the mind in the same way the product does when it hits the tastebuds. Inviting the nation to unleash its collective imagination on coming up with something more befitting of the deliciousness will undoubtedly give us plenty of food for thought.”

Costa Coffee partnered with creative agency AnalogFolk for the concept, strategy and creative execution. Untold Fable produced the campaign.

Members of the public have already begun voting for a new name and can do so until Tuesday 13th February at 8pm, so don’t miss out!

Source: AnalogFolk

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