Fold7 launches children’s book ‘Foxes Don’t Paint’ as part of campaign to empower children’s creativity in the UK

*Book launch follows Fold7 survey showing UK parents think the cost-of-living-crisis has had a negative impact on their children’s creativity

*Project highlights the importance of helping parents support and encourage their children’s creative development, otherwise we face serious consequences to our future creative talent

*Book sale proceeds will go to UK arts charity Create and free copies will be donated to inner-city primary schools and book schemes

For World Book Day, creative agency Fold7 has created and released a new children’s book called ‘Foxes Don’t Paint’. The book launch is part of a campaign to empower school kids across the UK to see creativity as a valuable force.

‘Foxes Don’t Paint’ is illustrated by Serbian artist and illustrator Branislav Sosic. Aimed at children aged 3-8, it tells the story of a little fox who wants to be creative, but is told it’s a waste of time because it won’t feed the pack. 

The book launch comes on the back of research conducted by Fold7 and Impact Sense that shows the cost of living crisis in the UK is stifling children’s creativity. The survey found that over half, 52%, of parents in the UK earning the national average income, and 47% of parents overall, think that the cost-of-living has had a negative impact on their child/children’s creativity at home. 

The majority of parents (57%) have taken their children to fewer attractions that encourage creativity since the cost-of-living hit the UK, and 47% have bought fewer materials for their children to be creative at home since the cost-of-living hit the UK. Meanwhile, 74% of parents wish they had more disposable income to support their child/children’s involvement in creative activities, according to the survey.

The report surveyed a representative sample of 1000 parents nationwide, with a balanced representation across single parents, parents with children (5-11 years old), and household income. 

Fold7 hopes that the book launch will highlight the importance of helping parents support and encourage their children’s creative development. The UK is a renowned global leader in the creative industries, with the sector currently employing more than two million people and worth £108 billion to the British economy, greater than aerospace, automotive, life sciences and oil and gas sectors combined, with exports alone generating a trade surplus of £25 billion.

However, with the current skills shortage in the creative industries, it could be set to get even worse. Fold7’s research findings, together with the lack of emphasis on arts education and squeezed budgets in primary schools, which have already been an issue for some time, could lead to serious consequences for the creative economy in the future, potentially draining the UK of creative talent over time. 

Fold7 will be handing out 500 free copies of ‘Foxes Don’t Paint’ to primary schools in London, Liverpool and Birmingham. The book will be on sale at with proceeds being donated to arts charity Create, which aims to empower lives through creativity. The book will also be shared with the Children’s Book Project and ABC Book Club.

Fold7 is working with primary schools near its office in Farringdon in the London borough of Islington, reading the book to classes on World Book Day. 

“Creativity has the power to provide children with happiness, self-confidence, and a means of self-expression. If we do not promote and celebrate it, the impact on society, let alone the creative industry, will be devastating. We hope that this book encourages school children everywhere, to see their creativity as a valuable force.” Ryan Newey, Founder of Fold7.

About ‘Foxes Don’t Paint’: ‘Foxes Don’t Paint’ is about a little fox who wants to be creative, but is told it’s a waste of time because it won’t feed the pack. The little fox talks to lots of grown-ups about her love of painting and being creative, but they all try to dissuade her from following her passion, chiding her that foxes don’t paint, foxes don’t make up stories, write songs or invent things. But the little fox eventually realises that everyone can be creative – and it can even help you get a decent dinner.

Source: Fold7

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