Former Havas creative leaders team up to launch Few & Far creative studio

Advertising creatives Steven Bennett-Day and Aaron Howard are launching Few & Far, a new kind of studio that specialises in ideas.

Steven Bennett-Day was most recently chief creative officer at Feed. Before joining Feed in 2017, he spent three years as group executive creative director at Havas Helia. It was during this time that he met Aaron Howard, who had previously cut his teeth at EHS Brann. Aaron was most recently working as creative director at Havas London.

Their new venture is designed to work with clients’ in-house capabilities by providing creative ideas, rather than the complex and unnecessary processes that come from traditional agencies.

While Few & Far specialises in ideas, it also has a network of curated experts in disciplines including production, strategy, design, technology, PR and editorial, with whom the studio can collaborate as needed.

Steven and Aaron believe this style of agency taps into the need for clients to seek best-in-class creative offerings from wherever they can find them. As part of its commitment to creative thinking, the Few & Far team will work remotely and with the reduced overheads they will travel wherever clients need them. 

Steven and Aaron believe this style of agency taps into the need for clients to seek best-in-class creative offerings that best fits their evolving model. As part of its commitment to putting as much of their client’s budget into creative thinking, the Few & Far team will avoid the expense and restrictions of a formal headquarters and will base themselves wherever best to serve the client and inspire creativity.

Bennett-Day, co-founder at Few & Far, said: “We were seeing clients take the majority of their work in-house and then looking for a way to get to good ideas without having to engage in a complicated agency relationship. So we built a studio for ideas based around that need. We want our clients to buy ideas, not buildings full of people. There is a strong future for a wave of new, more entrepreneurial creative businesses built by talented people who are uncomfortable surviving in the complex corporate structures being built in the new hybrid agencies emerging from all the mergers among the networks. Also, it gives owner-managers like us a way to get our hands back into the work and begin to lead the way through creativity.”

Few & Far is owned outright by Steven and Aaron, and launches with two clients: Vivobarefoot and Gail’s Bakery. 

Romy Miller, Marketing and Commercial Director at GAIL’s Bakery, said “With Few & Far we get good ideas from good people without the complexity of traditional agency models.” 

The pair have previously worked across a range of clients including Ella’s Kitchen, Dove, Tesco Clubcard, Adidas and Heinz, and they have produced everything from digital firsts – such as the first ever beer created from A.I. – through data, social and film.

Source: Few & Far

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