Hundreds of hitchhikers sent across Europe with only Red Bull as currency

CfxWrTeWQAAAEWsRed Bull has sent over 150 teams of students on a journey across Europe with only cans of Red Bull as currency and is broadcasting their adventures each night.

The 165 teams are made up of three students each from more than 50 countries and their objective is to reach Paris. Around 500 participants are uploading footage of their travels to a central editing suite as they go, which Red Bull is packaging into a nightly highlights programme.

The highlights packages are being presented by Martin Kemp’s son Roman Kemp, extreme sports journalist Hayley Edmonds and E4 presenter Vick Hope.

Teams begin the adventure from one of five starting points and have only 24 cans of Red Bull each to trade. They have to go via six checkpoints, where they will be given more cans of Red Bull to trade.

The stunt was carried out by creative agency Telegraph Hill.

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