Jens Goldmann appointed as Head of Business Development at Plan.Net

In his new role as Head of Business Development at the Plan.Net Group, Jens Goldmann is now moving strategic development and positioning of the Plan.Net brand forward and also expanding the digital agency’s base of both old and new customers.

He will also strengthen and extend the internal structures to create an even closer integration of the separate Plan.Net agencies. Now 44, Jens Goldmann has over 20 years’ experience in the agency sector as well as extensive expertise in Business Development.

Before he joined Plan.Net, Jens Goldmann had a number of different roles at Publicis Pixelpark, where he was finally appointed Business Development Director in July 2014. As Client Service Director at the same company, he served well-known customers such as Philip Morris and Renault. Before that, he worked for BBDO and Grey Düsseldorf, among others.

“What I think makes the Plan.Net Group so special is firstly that its services cover the whole range of digital marketing like no other digital agency. Secondly, I particularly like the owner and partner-run structure. I could feel the entrepreneurial spirit which characterises the whole group straight away. I am very much looking forward to making my contribution to the progress of this established and exciting brand and to ensure and improve its success in the future,” said Jens Goldmann. In his new function he will work closely with the Business Development division at the Serviceplan Group.

“With his many years of experience in the agency sector and in the area of New Business, Jens Goldmann is the perfect appointment for this position. We are delighted that he is joining us. I am confident that Jens, together with the team that will be supporting him, will develop a strategic direction and position the agency in a way that is fit for the future,” said Klaus Schwab, Managing Director of the Plan.Net Group.

Source: Serviceplan Group

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