Leading anti-money laundering company Fortytwo Data rebrands as Napier

A leading intelligent compliance solutions company in London has a new name following a significant rebranding: Napier. The company formerly traded under the name Fortytwo Data and over the past few years has positioned itself at the forefront of cutting-edge anti-money laundering (AML) and trade compliance solutions by using next-generation technology.

Now named after renowned Scottish mathematician John Napier, the company has built user-friendly solutions that deliver the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in a way that is fully auditable and also transparent to the regulator.

New partnerships, a growing client base and exciting product developments have seen the company evolve into a global force and the name Napier has been chosen to take that message to its clients worldwide.

John Napier was an important mathematician who discovered logarithms in the 1500s. The use of logarithms revolutionised mathematics by introducing a way to save time and limit errors in calculations, and they were adopted quickly by astronomers who were making exciting observations about our solar system.   

Napier was rumoured to have said that by “shortening the labours, one can double the life of the astronomer.”

That reasoning resonates with the way the company Napier innovates to increase efficiency and minimise risk. Its intelligent compliance solutions are developed in collaboration with academics at top European universities and today, just as John Napier’s logarithms helped astronomers in the 1500s, Napier’s solutions are revolutionising compliance by providing a way to save time and limit errors.

Julian Dixon, CEO of Napier, comments: “This is a hugely significant step for us and marks an exciting new dawn for Napier as we grow a British company globally. Our approach is in keeping with John Napier, a true pioneer who redefined the game. Just as he changed the way for astronomy, we are seeking to bring evolution and revolution to compliance and AML by using the very latest technology to improve speed and effectiveness. We are improving and growing all the time and it is fantastic to be able to start a new year with a new name and vision. John Napier revolutionised astronomy and Napier is shooting for the stars.”

Source: Napier

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