Lloyds launches largest interactive outdoor campaign

Lloyds are executing the largest ever Out of Home interactive 6s campaign to inform consumers about the smart features they can add to their personal current account. The campaign, planned and bought by Kinetic in partnership with MEC, launched on the 26th November.

The aim of the interactive element is to get people familiar with and talking about the five smart features of a Lloyds personal current account. The campaign launches in conjunction with an online version of the game.

During the game consumers drive around a circuit collecting icons that represent the different smart features you can add to an account, such as Limit Alerts, Save the Change or Mobile Banking. At the end of the game the features are summarised along with the user score and a call to action to visit the nearest branch to discuss the account. The game will be placed within digital 6s in 34 locations, consisting of roadside and mall environments. It will also have a vinyl wrap around the site to add impact to each location.

As well as the largest number of interactive 6s booked and being the largest multi-format OOH campaign, the activity also delivers a number of media firsts; the first interactive 6 sheet campaign by a bank, the first campaign to use CBS and Clear Channel’s interactive screens in malls, and the first interactive digital 6 sheet campaign in Westfield.

Helen Hall, Account Director at Kinetic said: “The interactive Grand Prix game will provide a fun and informative way for people to understand the various ways a Lloyds bank account can be tailored to the individual. We’re sure people around the country will have their wait at the bus stop or their shopping mall visit brightened up by the chance to play this game and interact with the brand.”


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