McCann Health re-imagines fabergé eggs as human organs to highlight the value of organ donations in campaign

According to the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants, in every 8 potentially organ donor, only one effectively becomes a donor.

That is why the Moinhos de Ventos Hospital, a John Hopkins International Medicine Center affiliated, signs the campaign “Who will inherit your greatest wealth?”, created by McCann Health in Brazil, that re-imagined Fabergé eggs as human organs, showcasing their value and beauty with artistic flare, to highlight the importance of organ donation.

Bruno Abner, McCann Health Brazil Creative Director said: “The campaign seeks to promote organ donations through the most basic question: what you will leave as a heritage? What you truly have of most precious?”

The print ads were run in selected magazines in Brazil, and also published in the hospital’s social media channels, and present 3 different executions, of an eye, a heart and kidneys, highlighting how priceless those organs are for those who receive it.


Agency: McCann Health Brasil
Creative director: Bruno Abner Rebelo
Art directors: Thiago Silva & Daniel Machado
Designer: Marcelo Segovia
Copy-writers: Monica Tritone & Nando Franchim
Client service: Ricardo Takahashi
Planning director: Fernanda Galvão
Media planning: Adriano Botter & Allan Gomes
Illustration: Lightfarm Brasil
Client approval: Mohamed Parrini, Marga Acioli & Débora Elmo

Source: McCann Health

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