New Campaign Shows Consumers Where Their Food is Raised, Brings Farmer’s Passions to Life

In a bid to create space for fledgling brand Just BARE ChickenGravity is launching the first ad campaign for the brand based on consumers’ increasing desire to know where their food comes from.

Owned by leading chicken producer, Pilgrim’s, Just BARE is leaning into the insight that to get consumers to truly connect with the brand, they need to introduce them to their farmer and show them where their food is raised.

Each ad concludes with a reason-to-believe unique to the brand: every Just BARE Natural Chicken package ships with a trace code, allowing consumers to learn where their chicken was raised.

Additionally, Gravity sought to show Just BARE farmers in their personal time, exploring their hopes, dreams and aspirations to challenge people’s perception of farmers as one dimensional beings.

The campaign demonstrates how Just BARE farmers’ individual passions connect back to their dedication in raising chicken the best way possible.

The campaign is launching in August across TV, audio, online, and outdoor.

Highlights includes a sponsorship of Food Network’s “Chopped” and “Beat Bobby Flay” an partnership with Food52 with co-branded articles and infographics sharing appetising, balanced recipes for families made with Just BARE Chicken.

Source: Gravity

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