Nosy Launches New Future Facing Website


Clean air filter specialist Nosy launches a new website on 18th March as part of a wider rebrand, in partnership with creative technology studio Appetite Creative.

“We worked with Nosy to refresh their website, a very relevant company for life during a global pandemic. They refer to themselves as the ‘nose version of sunglasses or you own portable air filter’, so we had to ensure the website delivered this concept in a simple and stylish way,” said Jenny Stanley, MD at Appetite Creative.

Nosy produces highly effective, comfortable and sustainable protection for respiratory systems, the unique Nosy product protects from pollution and allergens. Its latest innovation, NosyX, adds an extra layer of defence to help prevent the spread of viruses such as Covid-19, offering consumers a sustainable solution to face masks.

The website rebrand reflects the high-tech credentials of the business, with the wearable products developed by former Dyson engineers. The new website puts the futuristic nature of the brand front and centre, bringing together its fashion and technology roots. 

“As well as showcasing the Nosy products, the website has been built as an education hub, making it the home of reliable research and content for visitors on health, wellness and clean air,” Jenny continued.  

“I founded Nosy to help the world breath cleaner air, and as the brand enters the second year of its journey, that mission is only growing in importance,” said Carina Cunha, Founder of Nosy. “The website was key to the rebrand, and needed to align our technology, fashion and sustainability credentials in a way that accurately reflected our product offering. The team at Appetite has certainly delivered, producing a look and feel that matches the future-focused nature of the brand, allowing us to showcase our expertise in clean air.”

“We needed to create a modern and professional feel, combined with a platform to showcase the technology and sustainability pillars in a way that brought the mission of the brand and the products to life,” said Jenny.

“We’re proud of the result – and feel we have created a website that allows Nosy to move into its next stage of growth, taking consumers with them on their journey.”

“With a mobile first design, the new website has e-commerce at its heart and includes a new fresh design and integration with Shopify. Lead generation is supported through outstanding animations and improved UX.”

Source: Appetite Creative.

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