Pearlfisher’s brand creation for Consider Pastures sets the golden standard for eggs

The pioneer and leading producer of humanely-raised organic and free-range eggs in the US has created a new range of pasture-raised, ultra-premium quality eggs known as Consider Pastures.

Consider Pastures

Pearlfisher partnered with Consider Pastures to create a brand strategy and design that matches their mission to always provide the best that nature has to offer. The brand’s responsible farming principles ensure the eggs are sourced from small family farms utilizing pasture-raised environments where hens roam and behave naturally. Consider Pastures takes people into every element of the story, giving the product pride of place – be it on the farms or in the kitchen.

In an expanding world of options, Consider Pastures establishes a more emotive connection with people by setting a new as well as a golden standard in the world of eggs. From their stunning amber yolks to their caring ethos, Consider Pastures makes the right choice much easier to make.

Consider Pastures

“The revival of the classic carton is an immediate commitment to doing things elegantly and choicefully,” says Kitman Leung, Design Director at Pearlfisher. “We created a geometric egg pattern that is introduced on the top of the pack and carried through on the side panels to celebrate the naturally large and imperfect shape of the egg. When the cartons are stacked on- shelf, the pattern creates a wallpaper-like appearance.”

The brand’s monogram is inspired by the Phi symbol and the golden ratio, which suggests that the brilliance and infinite detail that naturally occurs in nature is the ideal standard for beauty. Accented in gold, the monogram, ‘hand-gathered’ seal and embossed messaging parallel the hand-crafted approach to raising and sourcing eggs through the packaging design. The warm color palette and discoverable details enable the design to go deeper than the surface.

Consider Pastures is reconnecting to nature and its discerning consumers, with a thoughtful, stand-out design to deliver the golden standard in eggs.

Consider Pastures

“Raising the bar to disrupt a conservative egg category isn’t such a challenge when you leverage Consider Pastures’ ethos and thoughtful story,” says Christian Bird, Creative Director at Pearlfisher. “The discoverable layers and beautiful details make it possible for people to get closer to nature and intuitively make the best choices through a premium design.”

Consider Pasture is available at select Whole Foods locations in the United States, with additional retailers coming in 2021. Discover more at



Hamish Campbell, VP Executive Creative Director 

Christian Bird, Creative Director
Kitman Leung, Design Director
Brandi Parker, Head of Realization
Talia Evans, Strategist
Shruti Shyam, Designer

SourcePearlfisher & FAB News

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