Pearson Launches All New Digital Customer Experience with Accenture Interactive

Accenture, together with Pearson, the world’s learning company, has created and launched a new digital customer experience which will simplify and improve the user experience for students, educators and job seekers looking to access Pearson’s learning materials and services.

The new website and content publishing platform will give users a single “front door” to access Pearson’s education products and services more easily and intuitively than ever. The new digital learning experience, designed, built and delivered by Accenture Interactive, will boost Pearson’s mission to improve access and outcomes in education.

Accenture Interactive helped Pearson consolidate and reduce by half more than 400,000 pages of content and 15,000 domains and sites, to help students and educators find information more easily. It also cut publishing time by 50% to ensure product and service information are available more quickly.

The new digital customer experience is part of a single global program, called OneDotCom, to transform Pearson into a digital business. The program consolidates 30 different systems using the Adobe Experience Cloud integrated with and SAP Hybris technologies, all aligned to user centred design principles, to improve Pearson’s return on investment globally.

Kate James, Chief Corporate Affairs and Global Marketing Officer, Pearson commented: “We operate in a world where students and educators want to quickly access and use our products and services through digital channels. We are on a continuous mission to transform our business to meet these demands and developing OneDotCom is an important step in designing a more relevant experience for learners and educators.”

Simon Nixon, Global Product Owner, Pearson added: “OneDotCom ensures we better serve the needs of our customers and learners and keep those needs central to our vision. It has simplified our business, improving the ROI we see from marketing and informing richer conversations with customers. Accenture Interactive has been a critical partner for Pearson to achieve our vision.”

The need for transformational change is being driven in large part by the growth in on-line learning. For example, Pearson’s university customers have shown that digital course materials can support as much as 85-90% of undergraduate study.  Pearson has seen its digital services revenue rise to more than two-thirds of its overall business.

Bernie Segal, managing director, Accenture Interactive, added: “What’s unique about the Pearson OneDotCom program is the creation of an inspiring digital brand experience that people love to use. This new global commercial digital organisation and new digital technology platform also creates significant productivity savings. Accenture Interactive’s fusion of creativity, business consultancy and technology shows what the new breed of experience agency looks like. We’ve been a transformation partner on Pearson’s innovation journey and improved its productivity and cost base.”

Source: Accenture

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