PEEPS Mark 60 Years by Expressing PEEPSonality With New TVC

This Easter, Marshmallow PEEPS Brand Candies are leaving the nest with their first live-action commercial to be run on TV and via social media.

This is PEEPS’ first TV campaign in over ten years and is the brand’s first commercial to kick off an ongoing, year-round TV campaign. In March, PEEPS will present the “Brothers” commercial that will air on prime-time TV, on its web and facebook sites.

Much like PEEPS, the “Brothers” commercial is sweet and nostalgic.  It opens with an older brother explaining to his younger brother, all the different things he can do with PEEPS.

Throughout the commercial, the older brother continues listing different ways to Express Your PEEPSonality.

Mark Hoffman , Senior Brand Manager for PEEPS at Just Born, commented, “PEEPS  fans are known for enjoying their PEEPS in many ways.”

“This commercial captures the warmth and tradition of PEEPSwhile encouraging consumers to Express their PEEPSonality. PEEPS have been an important part of Easter traditions for 60 years and we hope that this commercial will resonate with fans, giving them new ideas on how to have fun with their PEEPS for many more years to come!” added Mark

The Brothers spots (:15, :30, & :60) were filmed in California starring two new, young actors.  It was created by The Terri & Sandy Solution in NY and was directed by the Hoffman Brothers in CA.

Terri Meyer , commercial creator and Co-Founder of The Terri & Sandy Solution, commented:

“The ‘Brothers’ commercial was inspired by the endless ways in which fans interact with PEEPS and brings many of the possibilities to center stage.  From ‘PEEPS Jousting’ and ‘PEEPS in a Blanket’ to ‘Hide and Go PEEPS’, this commercial reminds us why this quirky marshmallow treat is among the most beloved Easter candy.”

PEEPS fans can view the Brothers commercial on TV, on the PEEPS Brand facebook site or by visiting the newly re-created

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