Rachel’s Organic “Taste for Rebellion” campaign tells trailblazing story of three generations of female farmers

Rachel’s Organic, the natural yogurt brand, is launching a new advertising campaign to celebrate its unique and pioneering family heritage.

krow has created a 20-second film that recognises Rachel’s Organic history, showing viewers that it’s taken three generations of female farmers to make their yogurt as good as it is today.

The agency’s first work since winning the Rachel’s Organic account will run for six weeks on VOD and online channels, including YouTube. 

Using the endline, “Taste for Rebellion”, the film shows that the Rachel’s Organic story is one of three generations of female farmers – Bessie (grandmother), Dinah (mother) and Rachel (daughter) – whose determination, dedication and resourcefulness have kept them at the forefront of organic farming practice. 

Combining a fast-paced edit with an energetic voice over, the ad highlights how all the women in Rachel’s family had a streak of rebellion in them.

Instead of following the pack, they rewrote the rules – they blazed the trail for organic farming, they shunned chemical fertilisers and become the first certified organic dairy farm.

It’s then Bessie’s original recipe which Rachel used to first create her unique yogurts. And this is still inspiring the way those organic yogurts are deliciously made today in the same dairy in Wales.

Jo Jephcott, Creative Director at krow said: “In just 20 seconds you get a sense of the determination, hard work and craft that are behind the brand thanks to the three generations of fearless female farmers in Rachel’s Organic family. It’s not your average brand story, and this isn’t your average yogurt ad.”

Source: krow

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