UK retailer responds to Breton top ban with stripe removal service

Breton shirts are the latest casualty of EU upheavals. Consent has been withdrawn for clothing retailer Boden to produce Breton tops in the UK.

Anyone owning a Breton top will now need to apply for a special EU shirt license to wear one. As new rules come into force on April 1, any stripe-wearing Brit found flouting the rules could face a €1000 fine or even a stretch in prison.

Boden, the company that made Breton tops famous in the UK, are offering a thoughtful solution to customers: a Breton stripe removal service.

The complimentary postal service erases illegal stripes by screen-printing, a technique the company calls ‘the Bret-off’.  

Johnnie Boden, Boden’s Founder, said: “We are committed to maintaining our unrivalled level of customer service, and want to ensure we limit the disappointment during this time. We will therefore be offering a stripe-removal service, free of charge, for all Boden Breton owners.”

This April Fools’ stunt was devised by award-winning creative PR agency, Taylor Herring.

Source: Taylor Herring

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