Vanarama’s ‘don’t buy used, lease brand new’ campaign reaches controversial climax

Vanarama’s controversial video campaign, seen by millions, reached its climax as it released the final instalment of its ‘don’t buy used, lease brand new’ trilogy: Dirty Don.

One of the UK’s leading vehicle leasing company believes no one should buy used, when they can lease brand new, and together with Big Al’s Creative and Little Britain Director, Matt Lipsey, created a series of videos that have made it shockingly clear that ‘you never really know how a used van’s been used’.

Each beautifully shot video has raised the ante, with the final moment in the series providing a climax worth waiting for. Dirty Don ruffles feathers as things get ‘wild’ in the back of his van, in an atmospheric car park, late one night.

Each controversial video has shown how van drivers never really know how a used van’s been used. The first instalment, Ronnie Trump, was based on the insight that tradesmen fart up to twenty times a day in their van. The second, ‘The Bogey Man’ demonstrated that you probably want to watch where you put your hands next time you’re in a used van.

For Vanarama this is about more than just a few dodgy stains in the back of a van, the company know that tradesmen are losing money every day they drive a used van. Independent research conducted on behalf of the leasing giant has shown that 75% of homeowners believe that if a tradesman turns up in a dirty old van, they would be less likely to offer them a job, and a further 43% said they would assume a run-down van meant a trader’s work would be sub-standard.

Paul Cable at Vanarama said: “These videos were designed to entertain and educate van drivers around the UK. The millions of people that have viewed these videos now know that if you’re buying a used van, you just don’t know what it’s been through, and I don’t just mean engine wear and tear. Why buy used when you can lease brand new?”

Source: Big Al’s Creative

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