Volvo releases latest live test, ‘The Chase’

Volvo‘s latest ‘live test’ video premiered on YouTube, with a Volvo FL Distribution truck thrown into the deep end of a Spanish bull run.

Created with Swedish agency, Forsman Bodenfors, ‘The Chase’ was also worked on in post-production by The Mill.

Set in Ciudad Rodrigo, where Spain’s infamous ‘encierro’ is said to have started over 800 years ago, the advert sees the red-painted truck set out ahead of a group of Spanish bull runners to negotiate its way through the narrow medieval streets of Rodrigo, pursued the whole time by a drove of rampaging bulls.

“Having bulls chase the truck through twisting alleys meant the new Volvo FL really had to prove itself. And it did,” said Lars Terling, Vice President Marketing Communications, Volvo Trucks.

‘The Chase’ was directed by Henry Alex Rubin, whose previous work includes co-directing Murderball and directing the second unit on Girl, Interrupted.

The advert features stunt driver Rob Hunt who said of the experience: “The bulls maintained a consistently high speed and were really close sometimes, but the truck handled the corners very well so it was just a matter of driving.”

The bulls seen in the advert are reported to be alive and well and living in a farm in Gudalajara.

‘The Chase’ is the fourth in Volvo’s 360° experience series of films.

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