Voodoo Ranger Hardcharged Tea Wreaks Havoc with National Campaign and Outrageous New Stunt

Good Conduct created spot and launched bold activation turning a posh New York City tea party on its head to prove that Voodoo Ranger Hardcharged Tea is unlike tea as you know it

Voodoo Ranger is up to its well-known tricks as it launches a new CTV spot titled “Not Your Grandma’s Tea” aimed at their 21-29 male brand enthusiasts. The campaign, created by Good Conduct, pushes off traditional tea conventions, from high-society afternoon tea to sweet little old ladies, to prove that Hardcharged Tea is a completely different tea for a completely different tea drinker. The campaign launched on Memorial Day weekend and is expected to run throughout the summer and into the fall.

Known for its cult-favorite IPAs, Voodoo Ranger also just pulled off another unforgettable stunt in New York City. Yesterday, an unsuspecting group of guests were invited for a posh high tea experience in SoHo, which quickly turned to mayhem to celebrate the brand’s national launch of its hard tea, Voodoo Ranger Hardcharged Tea.

Also created by Good Conduct, guests were invited to experience a luxurious classic high tea at Chez Vaudou but things quickly took a turn when servers presented trays with safety goggles and smashing devices such as golf clubs, baseball bats and tire irons instead of tea and traditional finger sandwiches. Heavy metal music filled the room as a guitarist jumped on a table and shredded some power bars startling and accelerating the energy in the room. Voodoo Ranger Hardcharged Tea banners unfurled and tea drinkers were encouraged to let loose, smash some china, and stir things up with the new Hardcharged Tea.

This event comes after other brand pranks like the Voodoo Ranger IPA Action Park in 2022 that tricked Napa Valley into thinking a beer amusement park would crash their vineyards.  Known for its bold daring personality and unexpected approach, the Voodoo Ranger Hardcharged Tea party smashed traditional tea conventions with a little fun.

“Just like Hardcharged Tea, this event was all about breaking expectations and bringing some edge to moments steeped in tradition,” said Michelle Robertson, Voodoo Ranger Brand Manager. “Packed with refreshing flavors and a bold kick, we always say that Hardcharged Tea is a tea that parties, and we are thrilled to give tea lovers a taste of what it means to be Hardcharged.” 

“Tea is something with rich traditions and proper etiquette. We wanted to smash all of those snobby tropes. So, that’s literally what we did,” said ECD and Founder of Good Conduct, Rob Lewis.

First introduced in 2023 in limited markets, Hardcharged Tea is made with real tea and beckons the bold with 7% ABV. Bringing the attitude to hard iced tea, Hardcharged Tea is now available nationally in four flavors, including Lemon, Peach, Half & Half and Razz Pop.

Source: Good Conduct

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