Williams Murray Hamm showcase Brexit horror windows

Time is running out, and the countdown to a Brexit nightmare on October 31st is well and truly underway.

Boris Johnson’s spectacular Brexit horror show, scheduled to provide the scariest Halloween for decades and haunt the nation forever, is already terrifying the neighbours around Williams Murray Hamm’s east London offices.

As the UK hurtles towards October 31st and Boris Johnson’s prospects of orchestrating an orderly exit from the EU look unlikely, brand innovation and design agency Williams Murray Hamm has brought to life the full horror of the ordeal to come, thanks to some very scary window installations. 

Some of Brexit’s scariest participants have been conjured up to create the full Halloween experience. Nigel Farage gets his own window as Frankenstein, bringing monstrous ideas back from the dead, while the zombie horror of Theresa May and her “Brexit deal that just won’t die” are also part of the agency’s living nightmare tableau.

“At Williams Murray Hamm, we usually look forward to Halloween, but this year the scary prospect of a no deal Brexit has turned the annual party into a real life nightmare,” said Wybe Magermans, managing director at WMH.

The illustrations were created by the talented Isaac Williamson, who sums up the sentiment we all feel: “We might leave the EU, but we remain creative”.

We can’t offer to rescue you from the horror of Brexit, but for one Halloween only, Williams Murray Hamm will guarantee to look kindly upon trick or treaters, and promises to greet them with a little something to provide comfort amid the dark horror of the dreaded night.

The New European magazine kindly allowed use of the Theresa May & Nigel Farage masks.

Source: Williams Murray Hamm

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