AirAsia unveil a ‘non-typical travel commercial’ by Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia

AirAsia recently commissioned Naga DDB Tribal Malaysia to create a campaign to promote their unique destinations in China and India.

Director Carolyn Chon of Tankers, an affiliate of Malaysia headquartered production company Directors Think Tank, directed the films with two weeks on the road, a crew of four and no shoot board.

Armed with a script and the brief to “shoot anything that doesn’t resemble the typical travel commercial”, creative and production teams put money where the mouth is, and set out to capture the beauty of discovery the way a discerning traveler would.

Paul Lim, Deputy ECD of Naga DDB said, “We wanted something honest. If we’re telling people to ditch the Top 10 lists and find stories on roads less travelled, the way we shot the film had to stay true to that philosophy. Carolyn was made for the job, because it really is how she travels. All we did was ask her to shoot the way she traveled.”

Chon was needless to say thrilled to have gotten the job. “One of the main highlights for me on this job was being able to curate the itinerary. I think getting the team to travel in an overnight train in China was probably something they didn’t expect to be doing. I’m glad that Air Asia was open to show other means of transport, we didn’t even have to feature any plane shots at all. Kudos to them for that! I really had a lot of fun on this one,” said Chon.

Lim also added, “This couldn’t have happened without the bravery of the people at AirAsia. Not having a shoot board was definitely a risk. We didn’t know what we were going to get. But we are grateful for the trust and their willingness to adventure with us.”

“10 shoot days and 17 hours of footage later, a 60-second narrative and 5 pocket films were made,” added Chon.

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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