Albert Bartlett’s Got A Brand New Bag!

Albert Bartlett, the potato company announces that the company has created a new look advertising campaign with creative agency, Guy & Co

The execution focuses on the fun and shared emotion of cooking together and the versatility of Albert Bartlett potatoes. The company has also introduced light-weight plastic bags; all of the company’s 2kg bags will now use 20% less plastic and can be recycled with shopping bags at larger stores. It is investing in a multi-million pound integrated marketing campaign launching with a magazine front cover at the end of November then followed by a TV commercial which will air on 16th December.  

The whole campaign will feature national TV advertising, digital and social media and audio such as Spotify with all media planning and buying handled by Carat Edinburgh. 

The 40’ TV commercial stars a father and daughter dream team cooking delicious dishes to the sizzling sounds of James Brown’s classic, “Papa’s got a brand new bag”. The film opens with a wide street scene with father and daughter coming back from the shops. The duo dance home and continue in the kitchen as they prepare a meal. Dad puts Albert Bartlett frozen chips in the oven and prepares fresh mash for a pie. His daughter fetches the fresh veggies dancing all the while; in their imagination, the musicians appear to be hiding in various kitchen locations, such as in a kitchen cupboard or behind the fridge door. Unsuspecting Mum arrives home to see father and daughter sitting all innocent at the table. She joins them for dinner, totally unaware of the ‘musical’ that just took place. 

The commercial was produced by Infinite Content and directed by Caswell Coggins, who has worked with an impressive and diverse range of clients such as Hermes, Xbox and McDonalds and is a highly experienced music video director; choreography is by Supple Nam, one of the boundary breaking leaders in the sector. Nam’s unique understanding of dance, culture and stylized movement across TV, theatre, film and music has taken the advertising industry by storm. The collaboration between Supple Nam and Caswell Coggins provides a compelling and formidable partnership, creating infectiously feel-good moves that viewers will want to try out themselves in the kitchen.  

Designed by Tynan D’Arcy, the bags feature an on-pack flash to tie in with the integrated campaign – a trumpet device with the line, ‘grab a brand new bag today’. 

Albert Bartlett’s Head of Marketing, Michael Jarvis, explains, “The new campaign focuses on the shared joy of cooking and of creating delicious meals using quality ingredients such as Albert Bartlett potatoes.  It promotes our family values as well as tying into our continuous programme of environmental improvement. We are using less plastic for the 2kg Rooster and Elfe bags and the material saved in a year would make enough bags to stretch by road and ferry from Edinburgh to Milan! The company is rolling out the thinner plastic out to all suitable products for 2020. We’re working hard to reduce our environmental impact and here’s a positive step along the way.”

Guy & Co’s Client Services Director, Cat Summers, says “We’re thrilled to be launching this new integrated campaign for Albert Bartlett, which builds on the quality credential expertly established through the brand’s associations with top chefs but marks a step-change in its communications into a more emotional territory. Thinkbox research shows that ads using older music elicit 8% higher engagement, and we’re confident that this James Brown classic will strike a feel-good chord with viewers, as well as a tactical call to action to ‘grab a brand new bag.”

SourceAlbert Bartlett

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