Atomic London Unleash More Animals in New ‘We Are Animal’ Campaign for Peperami

Animal is back and this time he’s brought some mates, ‘Chicken’ and ‘Beef’. Although designed to re-position Peperami as a protein snack for a new generation, this epic, tongue-in-cheek 40’ animated TV spot by Atomic London is every bit as irreverent as you would hope from a Peperami ad.

Directed by Rick and Mario at Partizan, the film parodies the painfully earnest ads we see for sports brands everywhere these days. Iconic 80’s film references and locker room nudity are all present and correct. As is the first visual fart in a UK TV commercial.

Appearing across linear broadcast and VOD, including ITV, Sky, ITV2 and Channel 4, it’s the first of a major push for one of the UK’s leading meat snacking brand around the newly expanded core proteins of Pork, Chicken and Beef ahead of multiple NPD launches during 2019 and 2020.

In the first sequence, spoof is writ large as the familiar pork character leaps fearlessly from building to building, before vaulting over a helicopter as the slo-mo kicks in. It’s the high-octane, big spending sports brand ad we’ve seen a thousand times – just a little meatier than usual.

In the second sequence Chicken is unstoppable as he throws down some retro dance moves in a detailed pastiche of the 80’s classics Flashdance and Footloose complete, with water drenched knee slide. Beef brings some brawn and power to the final sequence, pumping some iron and, well, pumping…

“It’s an interesting creative challenge,” say Dave Henderson and Guy Bradbury, creative partners at Atomic London. “Taking a classic brand from an era steeped in bawdy lad culture, and reinventing it for a new, earnest cultural backdrop. It may be a serious protein snack for serious times, but thank god there are brands like Peperami that can still play it stupid.”

Pavan Chandra, Peperami brand head, comments “Our partners at Atomic have done an amazing job in modernising the cult icon that is Animal and bringing his brothers to life. It’s exactly what the brand is about – fun and humour that appeals to our core audiences of blokes and mums.”

The film will air for the first time on Monday 8th July. The TVC will be supported by a seven figure fully integrated marketing campaign which will include OOH, shopper marketing, PR and Social Media.

Source: Atomic London

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