Baker Hughes “Look to Us” Campaign by Barbarian

The international campaign comes in response to the initial divestiture to voice Baker Hughes’ optimistic future, telling the “Who is Baker Hughes without GE?” story, as an independent energy company that’s redefining what’s possible through the power of engineering, science and data, and unmatched expertise of 100 years.

The campaign positions Baker Hughes as an authority while teasing goals that will soon become a reality through an Anthem video, a content series, print, OOH, social and digital running as of October 2019 through January 2020. “Look to Us” was designed to pose “What if” questions to convey a sense of possibility while challenging consumers to think about what’s next. This allows “Look to Us” to be more than just a campaign – but also a call to action.  

Courtney Berry, Managing Director, Barbarian: “Baker Hughes is an iconic player in the energy space. As we looked to chart a new course for the brand after their move away from GE, we wanted a campaign idea that would celebrate their pioneering spirit and commitment to transforming the industry through innovative technology. “Look to Us” not only speaks to the company’s rich heritage, but also their bold ambitions for the future.”

Russell Wilkerson, Chief Communications and Brand Officer, Baker Hughes: ” The story we wanted to get out there and tell was ‘who is Baker Hughes?’ – especially following our expected separation from GE. Given the ever-changing dynamics of the energy industry, we wanted to tell a story of how we are a part of its transformation. When Barbarian pitched us the ‘Look to Us’ idea, we took to it immediately because it wasn’t just a campaign line—it’s a call to action. At its core, the campaign conveys a sense of possibility while challenging people to think about what’s next, teasing goals that will soon become a reality.”  

Creative Credits
Courtney Berry, Managing Director
Leo Leone, Executive Creative Director
Kevin Chan, Group Creative Director
Jonathan Ong, Associate Creative Director
Angel Ang, Art Director
Joe Guyt, Executive Producer
Perry Feld, Senior Account Manager

Source: Barbarian

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