Barclaycard Experiment urges people to stop waiting and ‘Start Today’

Barclaycard launches a nationwide online and social campaign to encourage people who have always wanted to try something new to ‘start today’.

The multi-channel campaign debuted on the 20th October across online video and social and marks the second phase of the Barclaycard ‘start today’ campaign.

The campaign launches with a 2 minute and 30 second online video which will run with a supporting social campaign until the end of November.

The engaging film, titled ‘The Waiting Room’ showcases an experiment with a number of unsuspecting grown-ups from all walks of life.  Each individual is left in a room containing the one item needed to help them start their passion, from painting to cake decorating or playing a musical instrument.

Through the course of the video, we see the journey the adults take from initial reluctance to be involved, then a willingness to try and finally embracing the activity – thanks to a little inspiration from some enthusiastic child helpers. 

Alex Naylor, UK Marketing Director at Barclaycard, said:“The Start Today campaign springs from the insight that we all have something that we’ve always wanted to try but have never done and we wanted to bring that to life. As kids we would dive in at the first opportunity to try something new, but as adults we often make excuses and wait for ‘another day’.  By using children to show the adults how to embrace something new has resulted in what we believe is an engaging and uplifting piece of content.

We believe how we communicate is as important as what we say and this content approach marks a fun and different way for us to engage with our audiences.”

Source: Barclays

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