B&B Studio Draws on Limited Edition Superfly Bottles in Botanical-Led Rebrand for Firefly Core Range

Following the success of the limited edition bottle for Superfly – a botanical blend developed in collaboration with celebrated mixologist Mr. Lyan – B&B studio has delivered an upscale rebrand for the core range of Firefly’s revitalising botanical drinks.

Inspired by the inventive design for Superfly, which saw the Firefly logo disappear from the front of the pack and the introduction of botanical illustrations across the bottle, the brand was empowered to roll out an expressive rebrand across the full range.

Revitalising Botanical Drinks

Botanical blends have always been at the core of the Firefly range, delivering bold flavours drawn from nature. To reflect this commitment to refreshing, natural extracts, B&B studio introduced a new visual identity that re-established botanicals as the heartland of the brand, celebrating the purity of the ingredients through detailed illustrations sourced from vintage botanical books.

The recognisable Firefly logo of a bottle with wings – previously designed by B&B studio – has been retained, and is now accompanied by a new brand mark which reinforces the health properties and strength of ingredients with the strapline ‘Revitalising botanical drinks’.

Upscale Refreshment

In a move towards a more sophisticated upscale identity, B&B studio has enhanced the existing colour palette of the Firefly range with richer tones and introduced a more grown-up language to ensure that the brand stands out in the competitive soft drinks category.

Inviting consumers to be more experimental with their drinks, each new bottle incorporates serving suggestions which position Firefly as a mixer for botanically-based cocktails as well as a more adult soft drink on its own, offering an air of modern sophistication.

Limited Editions as a Springboard

“Limited edition bottles can enable a brand to explore new frontiers and test the water with their consumers before embarking on a wider rebrand, particularly when the new designs are a departure from a look and feel that has been around for a long time. The beautifully detailed illustrations on the limited edition Superfly bottles resonated well with consumers, telling the story of the brand with little-to-no supporting text and capturing the natural goodness of each botanical blend in bold visual depictions,” said Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B studio.

“For the wider range we followed a similar approach by introducing a series of bold artworks from old books, reflecting the powerful natural qualities and strength of flavour in each bottle, and introduced a new, more grown-up design language demonstrating the many ways that Firefly can be mixed and enjoyed.”

Sarah Brooks, Head of Marketing for Firefly Drinks, added: “From day one the Firefly brand has been defined by its commitment to using only natural extracts with no refined sugars or artificial ingredients. B&B studio has created a new identity that clearly demonstrates the strength of our ingredients in a beautiful and inspiring way, with bold visuals and an eye-catching colour palette that sets up apart from competitors in the increasing busy adult soft drinks category.”

The new Firefly packaging rolls out from January 2018.

Source: B&B studio 

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