Ben & Jerry’s Newest Brand Campaign Empowers Fans to ‘Make Some Motherchunkin’ Change!

Ben & Jerry’s is excited to introduce a new brand campaign created to inspire audiences to action: “Make Some Motherchunkin’ Change!” This marks Ben & Jerry’s first major brand focused campaign in almost a decade, the campaign taps into the ethos behind the company’s decades long heritage in activism and advocacy. The campaign was created in collaboration with agency DCX Growth Accelerator.

At the heart of the campaign is a humorous yet powerful rallying cry that encapsulates a core belief of Ben & Jerry’s: “Make Some Motherchunkin’ Change!” This bold tagline underscores the brand’s commitment to activism and social justice, inviting individuals to embrace their inner activist and make a positive impact on the world.

The campaign showcases all types of activists and artists , and many like Favianna Rodriguez and Brandan “BMike” Odums who have collaborated with the ice cream maker, demonstrating how they use their passions and creativity to drive positive change. From a polar bear-suited activist raising awareness about melting polar ice caps to naked bike riders promoting eco-friendly transportation, each ad spotlights the DIY spirit, creativity, and ingenuity of grassroots movements. The aim is to inspire audiences to engage in progressive activism themselves.

“We want people to know that their passions and creativity can create positive change in their communities,” says Jay Curley, Global Head of Integrated Marketing at Ben & Jerry’s. “As a society, we’re facing big challenges, and we’re inspired by people who see it as an opportunity to create community, build power, and work for collective change.”

The campaign includes an anthemic long-format video, 30-second video, outdoor billboards and will run across various media and social media platforms such as Instagram. Murals have been created in New York City and Los Angeles, with wild postings in both cities.

The campaign is not just about spreading awareness but also about driving action. “This campaign is really to excite and inspire our fans. We are running specific advocacy campaigns that will run alongside this brand campaign focused on criminal legal reform and voting rights,” adds Curley.

“Just as Nike believes that ‘If you have a body, you can be an athlete,’ Ben & Jerry’s believes that ‘If you have a heart, you can be an activist,'” said Doug Cameron, Chief Creative & Strategy Officer of DCX. “With ‘Make Some Motherchunkin’ Change!’ we want to inspire everyday people who want to drive meaningful progress in their communities to take action.”

This is the primary brand campaign for Ben & Jerry’s in the US in 2024, and will be adopted to select markets globally.

Driven Studio produced the social media content and WITHIN is the media agency.

Source: DCX Growth Accelerator

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